Workcamp 2014 in Pilsen: Pěstuj prostor – Foster the City

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Vloženo27. 03. 2014

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Are you interested in volunteer work for the better future – better city? Have you got experience with designing, building and cleaning public spaces or do you want to gain one? Then our workcamp in Pilsen called “Foster the City”, might be the right place for you.

The workcamp takes place from 14th till 27th July 2014 in Pilsen, Czech Republic and is available for volunteers aged 18 or over. It is open for international and Czech participants. If you want to sign-in, you must do so through your local sending organization. Czech participants please contact Inex-SDA. International participants please find your sending organization under members and partners of Alliance. You will be asked to fill in an application form and write a motivation letter. Entrance fee charged by the sending organization may apply.

Project (Big picture):
The project is held in Pilsen, European Capital of Culture 2015. Public benefit organisation “Pilsen 2015” is responsible for implementing the European Capital of Culture project, which mainly consists of programme activities and cultural sustainability activities in Pilsen and Pilsen region. The organisation both supports existing projects and creates some of its own. One of these is “Foster the City” project which deals with the state of the public space and its affordable enhancement. Local people have an opportunity to demonstrate their ideas – to show what is wrong, what they miss, what they would like to participate in.

Work description:
Your task will be improving derelict places of Pilsen. This year we will mainly focus on the site of former public river bath. You hardly find any traces of the wharfs and bathhouses there nowadays but people still pass through the place on their walks along the river. The only larger remnant is an original bath restaurant which now serves as an accommodation for people who passed through a drug addiction treatment. They might help us at work too.
You will clean the place from shrubs and litters, restore preserved constructions, build new constructions from wood and other materials. The point is to make the place attractive for the by-passers. And you will celebrate the effort – by throwing a concert or a neighbours party.

Study part:
You will have an opportunity to go for an excursion to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery and for a trip to a spectacular town in Pilsen region. You will be also invited to organize an evening or afternoon event for the public at the work site.

Leisure time:
See some interesting Pilsen sights – medieval city centre, historical underground, Techmania Science Centre and do other activities such as visiting festivals, cinemas, sports facilities, restaurants, typical local pubs, cafés, tearooms and clubs, galleries, museums and ZOO woods and lakes around the city, scenic countryside.

Accommodation and Eating:
You will stay in a scout clubhouse. Please bring your own sleeping bag and a camping mat. The clubhouse is equipped as follows: hot and cold water, 3 toilets, 1 shower room, kitchen with gas stove, dishes and other cooking utensils. The clubhouse is located by the river Radbuza near the work site. Walking distance to the city centre is 2,1 km and to the nearest tram stop 650 m.
Warm (vegetarian friendly) lunches will be provided at the work-site or other place in the city. Continental breakfast and dinner will be prepared by yourself.

City of Pilsen is the capital of West Bohemia. With 170 000 inhabitants and 20 000 university students it is a significant cultural, business and industrial centre, internationally famous mostly due to the products of Pilsner Urquell and Škoda factory. As most of the cities it has beautiful places but also places that are for many reasons neglected – and improving these is the task of this workcamp.

Other notifications:
Your work will be mostly hard manual labour. But don’t worry – it will be worth it! We look for people who believe in improving the city by their own hands, who find fun and pleasure in doing so and who can also spice it up: if you cook, sing or can amuse others, it will be useful for the evenings.. We certainly do not want any moaners! 🙂

Technical workcamp specifications:
SDA 105 Foster the city
14/07 – 27/07
Vols: 8 + 2 team leaders
Age: 18+